Hello I’m Gay Wegerif   I write and illustrate picture books for very young children    

The picture is me on the Penwith moors, by husband Pete, with our dog Ruffy.   We are both artists, we live in Cornwall.  Our two daughters are grown up and we have a grandson.    

I was born in Holland in 1957, my parents were both South African.   Since I was 5, I’ve lived in the UK, my mum was a single mum and I have a brother.  
Mum was also an artist. Gran came to live with us from Africa.    

We all loved books. I loved the pictures. There was Hermitage paintings, Paul Klee, embroidery books, National Geographic magazines, and more.   I studied painting at Bristol. Then moved to London and studied writing for children and illustration.   

At that time, we had a young family, were building our home (literally) and also setting up a career making neon and lighting for Pete.   

Much later, when the family had grown and flown it was possible to pursue my enthusiasm for picture books. As our youngest left to study, I enrolled too for an MA in authorial illustration at Falmouth School of Art.   

Through the contacts with the course and meeting lovely Benoit Jacques I was introduced to the amazing world of French children’s publishing.   

It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be published by Editions MeMo – a million thanks to them.    

My favourite picture books?   
When I was young, I loved Little Grey Rabbit. 
When my children were young we liked Mr Magnolia and Brown bear brown bear. 
Our grandson likes all the books with enjoyable sounds.  

These days I cherish quite different books. These 3 are special ones to me    

Winter by Aoi Huber-Kono  
Magic Dress by Kayako Nishimaki  
Kolečko by Zdenek Seydl    

and many many more – Thank you so much, world, for all the wonderful books    

Art that inspires me?  
I mention just a few 

Medieval textiles  
Inuit everything  
Pottery – Mediterranean and Mimbres    

Michio Mado poems  
Bryan Pearce paintings 
Craigie Aitchison’s painting of liquorice allsorts    

And a short list of things I like a lot:   


Wildlife in the wild  
Sunshine and spring  
Unexpected, funny things 
and of course….. my family!